art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

In Art Therapy the client has the opportunity to use art materials as a way of communicating thoughts and feelings alongside an Art Therapist. Those who find expressing themselves verbally difficult can find working with art materials an accessible way to process their emotions. . Art therapy can help clients better understand themselves and make sense of their world.

Art Therapy is not an art lesson and no previous art education or skills are needed, just a willingness to experiment with the art materials. A range of 2 and 3D art materials are available including pencils, crayons, pastels, paint, clay.

Who is Art Therapy for?

At YESS art therapy is open to all age groups.

The aim is to support clients with a range of challenges, these might be due to difficult life experiences and situations.

What happens in Art Therapy?

In an Art Therapy session the client has the opportunity to use a variety of art materials and play to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Art therapy is a safe space where it is possible to think about challenging emotions and circumstances.

Art therapy sessions are usually weekly and last about 50 minutes.

Artwork made in the sessions is stored securely by the art therapist. At the end of therapy, it can then be taken home by the client if they wish.

Who provides Art Therapy at YESS?

Art therapy is provided by Art Therapists/Art Psychotherapists who are registered with the UK’s HCPC- Health & Care Professionals Council.

At YESS art therapy is offered by Art Psychotherapists and an Art Therapy Trainee who works under regular supervision.

Who provides Art Therapy at YESS?

Access to Art Therapy is through the therapy team at YESS. Please contact a member of the team if you think you or someone you care for might benefit from this kind of therapeutic support.

At an initial session, the client will meet with the therapist to decide if both think this kind of therapy is likely to be helpful or if alternative support might be more appropriate.