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Your Emotional Support Service (YESS) is a charity based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. We offer support to people of all ages who require specialist therapeutic interventions to manage their emotional health and wellbeing. We provide a range of talking and creative therapies that can be delivered on an individual basis or as part of a group. Services are delivered remotely, and also from our base in Uttoxeter, as well as a number of schools and other community settings.

We have been operating in the area for nearly ten years, and our team has a wealth of experience across children and adult settings. YESS is an innovative provider, offering a mix of individual therapy and group work, workshops, training events and staff supervision.

We are passionate about mental health and wellbeing and we want to make our services as accessible as possible. Equality and diversity are important at YESSS and we are committed to ensuring that we will consider your religion, disability, sexuality and gender to ensure that our services are available and accessible for all….this is YOUR emotional support service.

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